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I used it two times . Life happened and months later ... Got it back out to use it...wouldn't work. That was the second one . Had already had one returned for the same reason . Now this the replace one , like the first one , would'nt work. Checked all safety features ....can't get to work. Add comment

I think after having the juicer and believe because the health master is discontinued i lose my money for my health master. My name is Sandra Coward, address is 2295 West 11th Street, Apartment 4C, Brooklyn, NY 11223, phone # 347-353-5691. I need yo someone. My model number obviously means nothing if thr attitude is like so what. That's m l not what it says when advertising Monte Williams advertising faldr information. Read more

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My blender broke down so I call costumer service to honor their warranty and they told me that they do not make that model anymore. the problem is a leaky blender and I fell really angry that this company have no honor to fix my blender, I'm not asking for money back only for a working blender, I do not know what to do, i wish someone would give me an idea on how to fix this problem, they are not loosing anything by exchanging it. Read more

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I just got it in December 2015...stop working pis *** i want my money back... Add comment

Received the Healthmaster Elite as gift, used it for 8 months primarily as a smoothie maker. Began making a loud noise and smoking, then just quit. Called customer service, who told me they would replace the entire unit if we would ship it back to them. We did so in August 2015, paid for shipping and also had to include a check for the shipping of the replacement. After a month, no replacement, but they cashed my check for the return shipping. ... Read more

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Ordered the Health Master after watching the Info Commercial with Mr. Williams. It cost me $350.00 plus shipping. For being a 2 horse power appliance it should be able to grind cement like the commercial says. Yea what a laugh, the power is more like 2 mice. Dead burned up mice now!!! I believe that Health Master used Mr. Williams health issue to persuade people like myself with health issues of their own to buy this bunk product. Waiting on a... Read more

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I bought myself and my two other daughters this product and mine wouldn't work after two years and my daughters who never used it stopped working today I spent a lot of money on buying three of these products and u would think they would last more than three years I feel that there is a problem in the power switch. I will never recommend this product to anyone and never buy anything that Monetll Williams sells again I feel I should be reinbursed... Read more

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Bought this thing and used it Three times. It sat on the counter for the next 6 months till summer when I wanted to make a cold fruit smoothie. Plugged it up and NOTHING!!! we are toooo pissed. Too much money for *** poor product. Add comment

The first Health master stopped working after a month of using. Company no longer in business for warranty. It eas replaced for a fifty something dollar fee. This blender has stopped working after a year. I will never recommend a Montel Williams Health blender to anyone. Add comment

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